Best way to take photos and record video for mIKs-it
Best way to take photos and record video for mIKs-it

In the mIKs-it Kids app, photos and videos come out the best if they are shot horizontally.

Focus on the subject (person, animal, object, action) of the photo. With video and photos, you can work with contrast and colours. You can compare a photo of your child with light coloured clothing and bright coloured clothing to see the difference.

The background determines how the subject will come out. A neutral background brings the focus to the subject. A dark background can bring more contrast. If the subject and background have similar colours, they blend in.

A close-up makes it easier to see the subject. This is recommended for the youngest mIKs-it users. An image with lots of elements makes it more difficult to see everything. It can be fun to make a little quiz-story around it.

While recording videos, mind the surrounding sounds like wind and breath. They can overpower other things when children are listening. Pay attention to the start/stop at the right times.

Lastly, you should always check your files before uploading/sending them in mIKs-it in case you may have recorded things you didn’t intend to share.

You’ll learn more by doing, so we wish you lots of fun experimenting!