Fun audio ideas
Fun audio ideas

You can upload audio (sound files) to mIKs-it.

This is great for young children who can’t focus on images or videos yet. You can make a ‘sound box’ out of mIKs-it by adding audio to all the files. It’s fun to work with familiar voices that children will recognise.

Highlight daily life and things children like. It’s all  about the way you and others talk to children and them responding positively. Also the babbles and stories of children themselves, of course!

For young children it's lovely to record the voices and sounds of loved ones.

Experiment and find out what kids like. Here are 5 tips to get started:

1. Record funny sounds. Is your child a big fan of the doorbell? Their own laughter? Mummy’s big kisses?

2. Animal sounds are funny; add them to photos as a guiding sound or ask a question about them and then answer.

3. Speak about your daily adventures with or without an image and invite your child to the conversation.

4. Record rhymes and quotes. Twist them a little bit by adding a funny element or leave a short pause to give the child the option to answer.

5. Finally:  music! Sing your favourite songs in mIKs-it together or separately. Ask granny and grandpa to join, nieces, cousins, the nanny, the teacher… Make sure you have fun and capture different familiar voices!