Fun photo ideas
Fun photo ideas

With mIKs-it, you can  highlight the daily activities of children. You probably have some ideas about what they like already. Those are the things to capture.

Experiment and discover what your child likes best , here's 5 tips to start with.

1. Include people that your children will recognise. The entire family, their teacher, group mates, the speech therapist, anyone that will bring them joy. These are all important faces. Maybe the baker, too?

2. Animals are also popular for photos. Start with pets, all kinds of them, like a spider, for example 😊. Next, the animals  in your surroundings, like the neighbour’s dog, the ducks in the park, the horse in the meadow. And finally, the animals in the zoo. A great reason to visit for kids!

3. Capture your child's favourite places: MY bed, MY chair, MY garden, MY school, MY bus stop…

4. And more of kid's own stuff: MY jacket, MY bag, MY toys, MY artwork…

5. Last but not least, special occasions. Holidays are good but also consider hospital visits and goodbyes children are a part of. Think about how this might help children process all emotions with supporting explanations and comforting words.