Fun story ideas
Fun story ideas

In mIKs-it, you can upload stories you create yourself or ask others to create. For young children, it may be more difficult to understand a narrative but they can still have fun with a slideshow with images and sounds.

Experiment and discover what children like, and here's 5 tips to start with.

1. Record a reading session as audio or video. Audio files encourage just listening. Files with images invite watching as well. Both are interesting. You can choose to film the person reading a story to the child or you can film and photograph the story itself.

2.  Speak about your daily adventures with or without an image or let your child share their thoughts and wild imagination.

3. Make a slideshow by putting different photos together, along with text, emojis or audio. You can compare this to the story function in your phone’s gallery but this one you’ll create specifically for your child.

4. Do an interview with or about your kids and other familiar people. Or better still, let your child be the interviewer 😊

5. Make a little quiz from a slideshow, you can create a photo or audio collage for this and bring the “who” and “where” questions in.