Fun video ideas
Fun video ideas

Highlight children’s daily activities in mIKs-it. You probably have lots of great ideas about what your children like.  

Here are some way to experiment, starting with 5 tips.

1. Don’t go looking too far and just capture moments from daily rituals, these are things children value.

2. Trips are great occasions to document, make sure you stay in the moment as well and don’t become just the camera operator😉

3. Top video material for kids is everything you do together. Eating together, cuddling on the sofa, walking hand in hand or in the stroller… there is great energy in these moments.

4. Singing and dancing moments are also a lot of fun: alone, together, in a group. The whole world is your stage so rock it!

5. Last but not least, special occasions. Holidays are good but also consider hospital visits and goodbyes children are a part of. Think about how this might help children process all emotions with supporting explanations and comforting words.