How to make your device child friendly
How to make your device child friendly

There are all sorts of devices out there so you’ll need to check what your device can do. In the device settings, you'll find an overview on the things you can change. An iPad or tablet is the best device for the mIKs-it Kids app. For the Admin, you can manage all you parental controls via your mobile phone.

Ideally, kids will only have access to a device that is set up to be child friendly or even or even a device of their own. However if the device is shared across the family then it's important to make sure that accessibility and child safe settings are in place. In any case, there are ways to protect the device before you let children play on them.

1. Make sure kids can't activate shared devices by themselves. You can also keep an eye on the time they spend on them. Children are very fast at picking up passwords, faster than you think!

2. Make sure that kids can’t access your other apps if you share a device. Log out and use strong passwords to prevent it. You can make a folder with apps just for your child.

3. Make sure your child doesn’t have access to the Internet without supervision. Be careful with internet connected (kids) apps. They can expose children to harmful content or share personal data.

4. Protective covers are a great way to make sure devices don't get damaged and are safe to play with in little hands.

5. Be there when your child goes on a digital adventure so you can help and guide them, making it a family experience. ‍