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Director Early Development
Gaby Pereira Martins
Master Educational Sciences
Erik Van Acker
Senior General Manager
Katryna Dow
Founder & CEO
Jo Vercammen
Jan Vereecken
Mars El-Bougrini
Head of Design
Izzy Peskett
User Experience Design
& Development
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Linas Išganaitis
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Trend Researcher
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Project Manager

The safe multimedia app for kids
A protected space for kids to experience play and joy through photos, videos & audio.

mIKs-it enables kids and their trusted grown-ups to safely connect to daily life, always with complete privacy.

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Why mIKs-it?

Every day we digitally capture moments, images, sounds and experiences. First smiles, birthday parties, reading a story or hugging grandma.

These experiences live on our phones or in the cloud, quickly forgotten. Yet they are full of emotion and connection, to be treasured from any child’s early years.

That’s why we created mIKs-it; companion apps for:
• children to interact with personalised media
• their grown-ups to manage content, access and privacy

A place for children to be their own storytellers and to re-live their precious moments. All with safety and privacy built in.

App for Kids

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How it works

App for Their Grown-ups

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How it works
“Using mIKs-it provided a lot of inspiration to talk about my son’s experiences. We were able to see what he means, we could better understand him, and he was happy to be understood.”
— Sofie, mother from the mIKs-it research

Private & Secure

mIKs-it is designed to ensure you can make a digital space as safe as a physical place for children. A place where connections are private and always approved by their grown-ups.

Content is secured in the same way as a bank protects and encrypts financial information.

The control is always with you.  There are no ads and personal data is never sold.

“Pictures speak louder than words. Children have more confidence to express themselves with images. It motivates them to promote their ideas by showing, not telling.”
— Jana, kindergarten teacher from mIKs-it research

Supported by Research

The joy of learning starts with curiosity.

How can we give children with different abilities a safe way to digitally interact with their daily life?

The imaginative team at Heder asked Trendwolves to help test and validate mIKs-it with a group of families. Meeco then developed a prototype to enable the children to have a real mIKs-it experience.

Our research included children with different abilities, their families, carers and educators.

After two studies, with children under eight, our big question was, “should we build mIKs-it” and the answer was “yes!”

"There is a movie of our son and his father in which he watches himself riding a bike. He likes that. If he watches the movie he always makes the gesture of cycling. So that's nice. He's starting to learn some things from it. So that's great to see"

Bea, mother
from mIKs-it research
"Through mIKs-it children can find a better connection to their own reality and strengthen their inner self. An important developmental task for young children."

Gabriel, children's psychologist
from mIKs-it  research
"Looking at pictures is very important for toddlers, even babies. We ask parents to bring pictures of family members and familiar faces. This makes the children respond positively..."

Farah, day-care worker    
from mIKs-it research
“My granddaughter loves to look at pictures of people she knows”
— Ali, grandfather from mIKs-it research

The Creators

mIKs-it is built with love by a diverse team of experts and co-created with children and their grown-ups.

"Through mIKs-it, more connections can be made with the child. You  are able to speak about the parents and about the child. Children will benefit from this. It’s easier for them to show things in their context.”
— Xavier, children's therapist from miKs-it research

Coming soon

mIKs-it is currently in full development. If you want to be one of the first to try it out, enter your email address to register your interest.

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